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Introducing Handcrafted Textiles of Greece.

Discover a little known secret: the richness of Greece’s arts, particularly her handmade rugs, ceramics, embroidery, and jewelry, from many regions throughout the country. Each piece has its own unique story about the artisan, their technique, and their regional cultural traditions.


Why THREADS THAT MATTER matters, now

Threads That Matter, reaches across the globe taking an active role in making Greek artisans works available to a broader audience. The country’s depressed economy, coupled with the added strain of the refugee crisis does not bode well for the artist.A sinking economy adversely affects the arts, the artist, their family, and their community. Without a thriving art world, we all suffer.

To date, there continue to be as many as 60,000 persons displaced by war now residing throughout Greece. Unlike most of Europe, Greece is accessed by sea. There are no walls. Even if Greek citizens want separation from the existing world’s mass displacement of peoples, in a sense, they have had no choice but to rescue arriving boats in peril. Nor would their conscience allow otherwise. The refugee presence has only added to the already tenuous economy.

Weaving Life’s Threads as an Act of Service

It is reasonable to believe that Greece will find its stability once again. Greeks are known to be a strong people, a people of big heart.” Threads That Matter, now the newest offshoot of the non-profit ArtLife Society, offers creative ways to support Greece now as an act of human world care, focusing on the resilience of the Greek artisan, bringing finest works out of the country, supporting the international artist, and appreciating the traditions of this ancient culture.


Connect the Dots

Threads That Matter helps the artisan and their family, which, in turn, stimulates the Greek economy which further stabilizes the country as it finds sustainable solutions for smooth simulation of the many now added to the national population.


Threads That Matter: Weaving the Bonds of Humanity

You are invited to be amongst the many who appreciate and own a piece of fine craftsmanship from Greece, at an exceptionally reasonable price, and appreciate that in doing so, you, too, are helping one artist, one family, one village, at a time.




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